Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tacky Tuesday!

Today is going well. I had McDonald's for breakfast. I need to STOP doing things like that, but I am so addicted to the sausage egg biscuits. When I was pregnant with Jake I always always wanted rodeo burgers from Burger King. So, maybe we're thinking about another boy here... We'll see. Anyhow, after work we went to Dollar General and I bought some sweat pants. That's what the world is coming to for me. I am excited to have new sweat pants. I think I might need help! I am 12 weeks pregnant tomorrow, and already I have resorted to sweat pants as my main wardrobe. Gross. After this baby, I am getting serious. You will all have to hold me to it. Harass me and with hold junk food from me. It will need to be a serious intervention. Just remember, don't start until AFTER this baby is born. Then maybe give me a couple months after that to recuperate... well, maybe we will all just have to get used to the sweatpants.

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