Friday, January 27, 2012

We don't forget

With all this posting about Jacob and his new school, you may think that I have forgotten about dear, sweet Emrick. I promise, I have done no such thing. Trust me, she wouldn't allow it! But, before I get started on what Emrick's been up to lately, I want to tell you about Jacob's award assembly at school this morning. They had math awards, reading awards, leadership awards, and one award each for music, library, and gym. Jacob didn't get any of the academic awards because he's new and they haven't had a chance to see him show off his amazing academic skills just yet. But, Ms. Hess did make a point to tell the audience that he was new and that's the reason he wasn't getting any academic awards. I thought that was nice. He got a leadership award and is very pleased with himself. I forgot my camera, but took a few snaps with my phone. I have misplaced the cord to hook my phone to my computer but when I find it, I will try to post a picture of him at his award assembly.

Now, what has Emrick been up to? Well, yesterday morning she climbed up and got my camera and removed the batteries. Then placed the batteries in the microwave. For 7 seconds, then Jacob noticed and shut the microwave off. Thank goodness! They didn't have time to explode or melt or anything, we threw them away and bought new ones. Yesterday she also emptied out the art bins completely. Papers, pens, crayons, etc... The scissors, glue, and markers are put up high where she shouldn't be able to reach them. But about a week or so ago she got the glue and glued several pieces of black construction paper to the wall in the dining room. When I came up from the laundry the glue was still wet so we just took the papers down and scrubbed the glue off the wall! We have been teaching Jacob his coins, the names and how much they're worth. So we have had their piggy banks out a lot. Emrick decided she didn't want money in hers so she dumped it all out (like, nearly $20 worth of coins) and spread them all around the house. So she could fill her piggy bank up with dominoes. I suspect we will be finding change in random places for a long while. But, I am happy to report, she still has her pleasant demeanor about her. Emrick really is such a lovely person to be around. I'm not even exaggerating or saying this with sarcasm. She does some really naughty things sometimes but she is an amazingly calm person to hang out with.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

School days!

I picked Jacob up at school yesterday and he wasn't wearing his hat. I asked him where was his hat at and he told me that he had accidentally left it on the bus. Bus?! Well, he doesn't ride a bus, so naturally I had a few questions. He told me without hesitation that they had taken a bus on a field trip to the children's art museum! I was immediately annoyed that I had not been informed of any such trip from the school but thought that maybe since it was only his second day, I had missed the note home. As the night went on, he was telling me more and more about their field trip. How the teachers brought cereal bars for all the kids and how they made pictures in the art room and the ladies at the museum were going to hang all the student's pictures on the wall! It was a really fun day! When I dropped him off at school this morning I questioned his teacher about the trip to the museum. She stared at me blankly, telling me that they always ALWAYS send home permission slips. And that no such trip had taken place. Not even kind of. Jacob had accidentally left his hat in his locker, the imaginary bus.

Monday, January 23, 2012


Christmas came and went. New Year's came and went. Now we're coming into February. Emrick's birthday! I had a really rough summer/fall/winter. Burger and I somehow got detoured to Hell. We've found a few maps and are making our way home, but it's not always as easy as it sounds. The good news is that I can easily think of a million plus one things that could have been worse.

Jacob went to his first day in public school kindergarten today. It wasn't what I wanted, it wasn't even close to what I planned. But that's just how life works. He was happy to buy a new Clone Wars lunch bag and water bottle, so I am happy, too. His teacher's name is Ms. Hess, and when she showed him the book shelf full of books and told him to pick four to put in his own bin to read while waiting for all the kids to get to the classroom in the morning, he completely forgot who I was. He was nervous but excited. So I am excited for him. And when I pick him from school every day I will hug him and kiss him and always remember that he used to be completely mine and Burger's. But, just as we teach our kids, we always have to share our good stuff.