Sunday, June 24, 2012

Beach Boys

I love it when she dances.

Saturday, June 9, 2012


I have been a busy lady, but nothing too exciting, don't panic! I cleaned out the basement room and converted it into a toy room/office. It is working out very well! The kids like being down there and having room to play with their toys. Soon I will be tackling the other side of the basement and doing a major declutter. Someone pointed me in the direction of a group on facebook where I can post things I want to sell and sell them to other people in the cedar valley. I have sold several things, it's working out great with my basement cleaning!

We are looking at new sofas. We are thinking we will go with a nice sectional this time around. We were talking about and thinking about it, as in, some time in the future. But then Emrick keeps peeing on our couch and now I can't get the smell out! I can't get the pee smell out of my leather couch. Super awesome. So, if you have any ideas for getting the smell out of the couch I already own, or have seen a lovely sectional for sale somewhere, you know who to call! :) 

Other than Emrick peeing herself all of the freaking time, the kids are doing fantastic! We are enjoying summer and have been relaxing and playing. I made play dough for the kids the other day, which they loved. We had the furnace guy come earlier this week to fix the wire on the ac that Peter chewed through. The kids loved the furnace guy and followed him all around while he was working and chatted with him the entire time! The guy didn't seem to mind too much, so I just let it happen.

My goal is to update this lovely blog more often! Apparently between the last time I posted and today, they have changed some formatting. So, you will have to excuse me if things don't seem right for a while. I'm not too smart with these things and when they change it, I get confused!