Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Today is Burger and my second wedding anniversary! I was going to post a cute couple picture of us, but I don't have any because I am always the one behind the camera. Anyways, we have made it two years with out any major mishaps and we are working for many many more happy years together! Also, a few days ago was my parent's 27th wedding anniversary so I just wanted to wish them many more happy years together! In other news, Jacob had his hair cut today. He likes to get his haircut and when I told him this morning that we would go get his hair cut today he was so excited for it all day! Strange kid. But, he looks handsome now and not shaggy. I got my hair cut the other day, but I would rather not talk about it. Other than that we are having a rather boring day. I need to clean up the house. We'll see how far I get...

Monday, September 29, 2008

Find the Sleeping Baby!

This is a game that we have been playing at my house quite frequently these days. He will fall asleep at the most random places at nap time. If I don't keep an eye on him, he will disappear! Today he decided to trash his room and then sleep amongst the mess. Well, at least he sleeps, right? Also, I am trying to watch Dr.Phil right now, but the stupid news broke in to tell me about the stock market crashing or something like that. Usually I would be interested and try to pay attention to it, but today I am just pissed. I wanted to watch Dr.Phil and this isn't it. So I decided to get online and blog about it. Hopefully when I'm done here, my show will be on. Wish me luck.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bits and Pieces

Burger and Jacob posing for me at the John Deere 90th anniversary celebration.

Jacob in the wheel of a very large tractor. He thought it was really fun. He also got to sit inside the tractor, but I missed it because I was waiting in line for mini donuts. I had to wait in line for 40 minutes, but the donuts were totally worth it!

This is nap time at my house today. At 4 in the afternoon. The Brave Little Toaster was playing on the TV. Yesterday we were pretty busy and outside almost all day. Jacob ate a bunch of junk food and ran around and bounced in the bouncy thing at the CFU Energy Fair. Then in the evening we went to the John Deere Anniversary celebration and ate Pizza with grandma and grandpa Hild. Today we grilled out with grandma and grandpa Hild and Jacob bounced in his bouncy thing in our backyard. I don't think he will ever get tired of those blow up bouncy toys. He loves to play in it and thinks it's funny when Burger pushes him through the mesh wall and makes him fall down and he bounces back up. Hysterical. Anyhow, Burger and Jacob were wore out from our busy weekend and fell asleep on the couch like this. Cute. Definitely picture worthy.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Sleeping Issues

This is Jacob sleeping on his floor. Yes, he is sleeping there. It's nap time and he WAS in his bed. I honestly can't tell you what happened here. But I will tell you that for the past week he has been showing up in odd places sleeping at nap time. The couch, my bed, random floors in the house... I think we might have a sleepwalker on our hands because he always sleeps in his bed for about an hour before showing up to sleep at all these odd places. He slept in his own bed all night last night and woke up super early to watch Thomas. Hope our day goes well.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Is It Tomorrow Yet?

We are waiting for tomorrow because Burger comes home! Yay! We have no plans for the weekend! Double Yay! We are probably just going to hang out all weekend and be together... Our second anniversary is next Tuesday. We don't have any plans for that either. Maybe we will go to dinner or something. Doesn't matter, I'm just excited to have his company again. I know, I'm a big cheese ball! We don't work tomorrow and we don't have any plans yet. Maybe story time at the library. We'll have to see. I am just not a planner, apparently! Today we are just hanging out. Season premier of The Office is tonight! I was thinking of getting my hair cut, but have to wait for my mom to get off work and see what her plans are. No, she doesn't cut my hair. She watches Jacob so I can go somewhere and get my hair cut. My throat is starting to hurt again today, but it's not too bad. If it gets worse I might have to do something about it. Last night Jacob slept well for a while but then he woke up at 12:30 crying. I tucked him back in and he went to sleep. At 1:30 he woke up again and I told him to go back to sleep and he did. But then he woke up again at 2:30. I'm not sure what the problem was, but he came to bed with me that last time and didn't wake again until 6:30 this morning. Not something he is going to get used to. Sleeping with a child is NOT FUN! And not something I will do on a regular basis. I think he might be a little stressed with Burger being gone for so long though. Burger is always here and it's a big change when he leaves for so long. I know, excuses excuses. But really, have some empathy, right? Jacob will be sleeping in his own bed tonight. I will let you know that works for me...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


These are Jacob's new glasses! Aren't they cute? They are actually my old pair of glasses with the lenses popped out. He loves them, obviously! He looks so distinguished! Obviously a happy boy! Last night he was taking a tub and I ran to my room to grab his jammies and when I got back to the bathroom he was washing his hair! He was washing his own hair! How smart! He only got the front but it was nice and clean. He also rinsed it out himself. What a boy! Pretty soon I won't have to help him with anything!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday is better...

I am feeling much better today! My nose is still stuffy but other than that I am all good! We went to work today and then had Subway for lunch. Made french fries at home to eat with our subs! I am so hungry for a sub from Blimpies but there is not a Blimpies around here. So I had to make due with Subway, which is totally not the same. We need to go to the store today. We went yesterday but when I got there I couldn't remember anything that I needed. I walked the aisles thinking I would pass something that would strike a memory, but nothing did. When I got home, I remembered naturally. So I wrote it down and we're going to try again today. Jacob is good. He has been sleeping really well the past couple days so that's nice! I am making a roast for dinner and that's our plan for the day! Not very exciting, but that's my life for ya!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Our Day Out

This is Grandma and Grandpa riding on Thomas with Jacob.

Jacob and Daddy with Sir Toppham Hat. Jacob loved him. This was his favorite part of the day, truly. He's still talking about it!

Mommy, Jacob, and Daddy in front of Thomas. You can't tell in the picture really, but he was attached to a train. He was big.

Daddy and Jacob in front of the sign. Jacob refused to look at me for the picture. He was being difficult! I have more pictures I might post later, but I have been sick all weekend with a sore throat and don't feel like posting more and more pictures right now! I am going to call the doctor and see if I can't get an appointment today. I almost went to the doctor on Saturday but thought it would go away. It's tolerable, but lingering so I want to make sure I don't have strep throat or something. We did have fun yesterday! Jacob got a Thomas tattoo on his arm and he keeps trying to pick it off because he thinks it's a sticker! He got to build blocks, watch electric trains, play train Lego's, and listen to Thomas stories. The Thomas stories was his favorite and that kind of surprised me! Well, hope everyone enjoys the Monday!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Day Out with Thomas

We went to A Day Out With Thomas today and had a really good time. Jacob enjoyed being surrounded by trains all day and also, Grandma and Grandpa Hild went with us so it was extra fun! We left Burger in Des Moines which is disappointing, but these things have to be done. Tomorrow I will post pictures and fun stories from our trip!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ho Hum

Not a lot going on today. Tomorrow is my day off work and that's kind of exciting. Jacob is having a friend tomorrow, so that's kind of exciting also. We have been hanging out at home today and didn't get much done. I have started some laundry and rearranging our video collection. We ate at Taco John's for lunch and I can't decide what we will have for dinner. I suppose we will wait for Burger to get home and help us decide. I was thinking a pizza from Pizza Hut, but we'll see. I don't feel like washing dishes today so hopefully I can talk him out of cooking dinner. Jacob had a nap today and is behaving himself yesterday and today. He has been just charming. Hopefully this will last.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What is This?

This is what happens when the two year old doesn't think he should have to go to bed. It was waaay past bedtime, but he wanted to play. So, the obvious solution is to throw all the clean clothes over the gate. Just to see what would happen. After throwing out all the clean clothes (did I mention all these clothes were clean?) he climbed behind his bed and got stuck. Shrieking hysterically is how he got my attention. I didn't even know he was still awake until the shrieking started then I discovered the clothes. I thought it was amusing until I realized that I would have to pick up the clothes because I was not going to fall for it. Usually if you make a mess you clean it up, but I think that's what he was counting on. He knew if he could get out of the gate for just a second... I unstuck him, tucked him in, and went back to bed myself. The clothes are still strewn across my hallway. I'm getting there.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tomorrow is Wednesday

That means that the week is half over. I'm excited for the weekend because we are going to see Thomas the Tank Engine and we get to ride on him! But Burger is leaving for school on Sunday and I am not looking forward to having to deal with next week all by myself. On Friday one of Jacob's friends is coming to play. Her mom has an appointment (she just had a baby!). So that should be fun, and maybe make my day easier. Tomorrow and Thursday is work and laundry so Burger can get packed and ready. He has been working on his homework, because he always waits until the last minute and crams it all into one day. So that is probably what he will doing all day Saturday, homework. Also, my birthday is October 25 and that happens to be the day that Burger's dad has planned their annual Halloween Farm Party. I am super excited because we get to pick pumpkins and have hay rides! ON MY BIRTHDAY!! Seriously, I love Halloween and and super psyched that this already fun event lands on my birthday this year! See, I'm too old to actually have birthday parties anymore and this is the closest I will probably ever get again in my life! What could be better than hayrides for your birthday present? Also, everytime I see that picture of Jacob and Burger (below) I love it more and more. I'm going to have to find something really cool to do with it! Open to suggestions...

Sunday, September 14, 2008


These are new pictures from today. The top is Burger and Jacob at our nephew's b-day party. The party was at a park outside and it was slightly chilly. We were prepared so we were fine. We had a nice walk around the lake and Jacob played on the playground like a crazy man. When we got home Grandma Hild had left us a bag of surprises! The bed set was in the bag! It's Tonka trucks! Daddy was excited and put it on the bed right away! Before we could even wash it... I'll try and fix that tomorrow. The bed, the comforter set, and the bench are all matching so it looks really nice in his room right now! When the baby comes, we'll have to do some rearranging!

Funny Memory

I am always amazed at the things Jacob remembers. It always seems funny to me that such a little person can remember things as well as he does. Today I was laying in bed and Jacob decided to join me. He started bouncing and I told him to stop. When he didn't stop I told him that he would have to get off the bed if he was going to be naughty. He whined for a minute then played with his trains. A few minutes later he went to Burger and said, "I was naughty, I jumped on the bed." Burger replied, "Alright, don't do that. You could get hurt." and Jacob said, "Ok. I want to read monkey." Then he repeated that over and over... "I want to read monkeys, I want to read monkeys..." Does anyone know what the kid is talking about? Finally, after about 5 minutes of listening to him yell about monkeys, we figured out that he was talking about his book. Duh, why wouldn't he remember that monkeys jump on the bed and get in trouble?

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Last night we went to Target to grab a few things and when we left it was raining. When Jacob noticed the rain, he stuck his hands in the air and tilted his face toward the sky and smiled the biggest grin in the world. He had his eyes shut and said matter-of-factly, "It's raining from the sky!" It was so super cute! He loves the rain, which makes sense because both Burger and I love the rain. The other day when it was raining, my mom let Jacob go play in the backyard and run around in the rain. It was the time of his life! He is such a funny boy! Full of his own personality. Today we need to go to the grocery store and then to Wal-Mart to get the stuff we couldn't find at Target. I got book #3 and started reading it last night. I think I'm going to like this one. Burger is working until 3:30 today so Jacob and I are on our own. Hope everyone enjoys their Saturday!

Friday, September 12, 2008

What are you doing?

What are you doing? Where is Max? Where is Daddy? Can I watch Thomas? Can I have candy? Can I have juice? Repeat... This is how I start my morning. I need headphones so I can just nod along with him and pretend to listen. This boy is a nonstop chatter box! I know 2 year olds are notorious for question asking, but I don't think he has even hit the tip of the iceberg yet. I think my chatterbox is only going to get chattier and chattier. At least he has a cute voice. I'll ask him, "Do you want oatmeal for breakfast?" and he'll reply, "No, I want cereal." So, at least he knows what he wants most of the time... The picture is him sleeping on the couch, obviously. He gets so sweaty when he falls asleep on the couch because the couch is leather! Today's plans include story hour at the local library and my getting book #3 in the vampire series. I finished book #2 on Tuesday but when I went to buy book #3 no one had it! Barnes and Noble, but why pay full price when I can go across the street to Wal-Mart and pay $5 less? But Wal-Mart (both of them) and Target were all out. They had book #2 and book #4. So I am patiently waiting for more to come in. Hopefully today someone has it, or I will end up going to Barnes and Noble. Also, I thought I might check the library since I am going there anyhow. Who knows, I might get lucky! Also a stop at Starbucks is in order today. After my week, I deserve 3 stops to Starbucks today! Well, everyone, enjoy your Friday. I will try...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

No Title Could Possibley get you Ready for This One...

The day started out fine. We went to work, Jacob played nice with the other children. We stopped at the grocery store on the way home to get some milk and various other items. When we got home Jacob was playing in the yard while I got the groceries out of the car. Max was locked in the hallway with the baby gate, as usual. He gets in the garbage if we don't lock him away. So I went to release him and let him outside when I distinctly caught the whiff of poo. All over the hallway and somehow he had gotten into my bedroom. I stood at my door, wondering if I even wanted to go in there and check the damage. I figured I had to since Burger wouldn't be home for at least 6 more hours. All over my bed and my pillow. Dog poo. Not 'I'm sick and I couldn't hold it' kind of dog poo but the kind that says 'I'm mad at you and you totally deserved this' dog poo. I start cleaning up the hallway so no one will step in it when I hear Jacob start to whine outside. I dash out there and find my child covered in dog poo. Apparently he tripped or something and landed in a pile that was in the yard. In his hair, his shirt, his pants, his shoes... everywhere. I bring him in, instructing not to touch anything and stick him in the tub. Scrubbed the kid down and threw some new clothes on him, sat him in front of the TV. Go back to cleaning up the first mess. Needless to say, the dog is still outside. He is not coming in. Maybe never again... That's my day so far. There are still 3 hours and 45 minutes before Burger will be home and who's to say what will happen between then and now.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Are we Done Yet?

Today I am grumpy. I was grumpy yesterday, too. Jacob is in his bed for nap. I told him that after his nap, we could play outside. He wants to forget the nap part and just play outside. I don't think so. He keeps saying, "I'm done crying, I want to play now..." See, he gets sent to his room on the off occasion that he has a time-out. It really doesn't happen that often, but when he does have a time-out, he gets sent to his room. After he is calm, he can come back out and play. Apparently he thinks that should work at nap, too. Not today, buddy. Not today. I need to do the dishes and more laundry. That's my list for today. I keep putting them off because I hate doing those things! All my other chores get done, and laundry and dishes are ALWAYS left. So, if anyone ever feels like washing dishes, you're more than welcome to come to my house and do mine! We had Burger King for lunch and when Jacob wakes up (if he ever goes to sleep) we will go outside to play. Maybe for a walk, I'll have to think about it. Well, Jacob is laying down now, so I think I might go lay down also!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Dog is No Longer Sick.

I chose that title so I could just get it out there and be done with it. He is better. Eating dog food and drinking and jumping and barking. You would never guess he had been sick. Work was work today. We had Subway for lunch, and that was delicious. Burger is making tacos for supper tonight, when he gets home from work. He is working overtime this week, which I suppose is nice. He won't be home until 5:45 and I'm used to him being home at 3:45. Two hours is a big difference. Jacob and I might venture to Kohl's and Wal-Mart, just to see what they have! I am hoping to finish my 2nd book in the vampire series today. This weekend we have a birthday party in Dubuque and the weekend after that we are going to A Day Out With Thomas the Tank Engine on Saturday and on Sunday Burger will leave for Des Moines to school. When he gets home it will be our 2nd anniversary and then it will be October! September is flying by!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Baby #2

All is well on the baby front. We got to hear the heartbeat, it's in the 150's which is healthy and normal. We had to wait an hour and a half for the midwife because she was delivering a baby at the time of my appointment. She finally came in, found the heartbeat, asked if I had any questions or concerns (which I did not...) and then she left. We waited for an hour and a half to see the midwife for 5 minutes. How much is this costing me?

Monday, need I say more?

Today is not the greatest. It would be fine except our dog, Max, is really sick. He is vomiting and pooing and I don't know what to do about it except leave him outside! In the rain, mind you... I woke up at midnight last night because I could hear Max whining and I thought to myself, "Now, this is strange..." So I opened my bedroom door and stepped out, right into a pile of dog poo. And that's how my Monday morning started. I made my way to the living room to find the floor covered in dog poo and vomit. I was up for 2 hours cleaning it up. I'm not even kidding. I left him outside the rest of the night then locked him in the kitchen while I went to work. Came home from work to find vomit and poo on my kitchen floor. Seriously, how can one little dog make so much mess? Where is all this coming from? He hasn't eaten anything since yesterday afternoon. He is staying outside the rest of the day. I know, I'm mean. But I just want to get the poo/vomit smell out of my house. It's making me sick. Jacob is well. He ate 2 pieces of pizza for lunch, minus the crust. He is turning into such a piggy boy! He must be growing... Well people, I need to finish getting this smell out. Wish me luck. Also, I go to the doctor later this afternoon, so you can check in later tonight for an update on baby #2!

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Today was nice and relaxing. Burger and I slept in while Jacob destroyed the house. I knew he was doing it, but didn't care! I wanted to sleep longer! And that's what kind of parent I am... Then one of my friends came from out of town and we had coffee together and then went purse shopping! It was nice to see her and purses are always fun! Jacob had a nap when we came home and I read some of my book. By the way, thanks Mandy... Burger worked on some homework. He leaves for school on the 22nd. We had leftovers for supper, and curly fries from Hardees! Now we are sitting around waiting for it to be bedtime! See you all tomorrow!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Happy Belated B-Day, Brother!

Yesterday was my brother's birthday and I didn't call him or send him a card or anything! I'm a terrible sister. At least he's old enough not to really care. Anyhow, I felt kind of guilty so I thought I would write it on here, even though he never reads this! Today my mom came and we went to a couple garage sales and then to McDonald's play place. Jacob had fun and ate a whole double cheeseburger by himself and a handful of fries and half an ice cream sundae. He was a piggy today! He should be full for a while, at least! He is watching Thomas right now, postponing nap time. Burger is at work until 4:30 this afternoon and I am just waiting for something fun to happen. Enjoy the Saturday, everyone!

Friday, September 5, 2008

1.1) Are your parents married or divorced? Married for 25 years
.2) Vegetarian? Not exclusively
3) Heaven? Eventually, I assume.
4) Come close to dying? I've had a few car accidents. And I rode on a plane a couple of times...
5) What jewelry do you wear 24/7? Just my wedding ring.
6) Are you eating? No. But I would like to be.
7) Do you eat the stems of broccoli? Never.
8) Makeup? Not since my wedding day.
9) Were you usually the dumper or the dumpee in your past relationships? uhm, the dumper.
10) Would you ever have plastic surgery? Not on purpose. Surgery is scary and I hate IV's more than anything.
11) What do you wear to bed? Jammies.
12) Have you ever done anything illegal? Not when I was sober.
13) Can you roll your tongue? yes.
14) Pluck your eyebrows? Every once in a while.
15) What kind of watch(es) do you wear? none. I don't need to know the time, I have a 2 year old.
16) Abortion? Nope.
17) Hair color? brown
18) Future child's name? It's a secret. Only a select few are to know before the child's actual birth. We'll see how long I last at that...
19) Do you snore? Not that I know of.
20) If you could go anywhere in the world on a vacation? New York?
21) Do you sleep with stuffed animals? Not o npurpose.
22) If you won the lottery, what would you do first? Pay off my house and car.
23) Gold or silver? I like white gold.
24) Hamburger or hot dog? hot dogs
25) If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would you choose? You can't do that to me, I'm pregnant!
26) Beach, city, or country? Country, but close to a city...
27) Who was the last person you touched? Jacob
28) Where do you eat? The dining room for meals, the living room when we're grazing
29) Whens the last time you cried? Like, an hour ago, again, I'm pregnant.
30) Have you loved somebody so much it makes you cry? Absolutely.
31) Would you ever go out dressed like the opposite sex? Well, I mostly wear sweatpants and T-shirts, so I kind of already do...
32) Ever been involved with the police? Some speeding tickets and a couple accidents
.33)Believe in Santa Claus? WHAT? Is there a question about his existence?
34) Do you talk in your sleep? No.
35) Beach or pool? Beach, but I don't really like water, so mostly just so I can sit in the sand instead of on the cement to watch my son play.
36) Can you cross your eyes? no, I can't. I also can't snap my fingers.
37) What's your favorite song at the moment? I don't have one. We mostly listen to the Wiggles. But I love Jamie Cullum.
38) Window seat or aisle? I don't care to fly or take a bus, so neither.
39) Ever met anyone famous? nope. my life if rather boring...
40) Do you feel that you've ever had a truly successful relationship? My marriage.
41) Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it? A little nit of both.
42) Rickie Lake or Oprah Winfrey? Oprah.
43) Would you ever admit to having done plastic surgery of any kind if confronted? I probably will never have it done, unless for some medical reason, and in that case I would admit to it...
44) How long does your shower last? We only have a tub, which needs to be fixed. I like to take long showers. At least 15-20 minutes.
45) Do you drive a stick? No. But my dad taught me how when I was much younger.
46) Cake or ice cream? They only come as a package deal at my house.
47) Self-conscious? Most of the time.
48) What time do you get up? Usually 6:30 or so...
49) Have you ever given money to a bum? No, I don't care for them much
.50) When was your first crush? Elementary School.
51) Where do you wish you were? Right here, in my house. Only I wish I had something yummy to eat...
52) Have you ever broken some one's heart? Not that I am aware of, but probably...
53) Ever been given a ring? Just once. I still wear it! :)
54) Longest relationship? Married for two years!
55) Last gift you received? I honestly can't remember!
56) Last sport you played? Uhm, we had gym when I was in high school!
57) Things you spend a lot of money on? shoes for my son.
58) Where do you live? The midwest. Snows alot, rains alot, summer is hot...
59) High school you attend(ed): Belmond-Klemme High School.
60) Last wedding attended? Cheryl and Casey's in May 2007.
61) Favorite fast food restaurant? Subway, except I wish they sold french fries!
62) Where do you work? YMCA
63) Can you cook? Nope, but my wonderful husband does!
.64) Most hated food? I can't think of one. There's a lot of food that I don't like, but I don't hate one more than the others...
65) Can you sing? Not at all
66) Last concert attended? Vans Warped Tour in summer 2005
67) Last kiss? The hubby, probably about an hour ago...
68) Favorite Alcoholic drink? Margaritas, I'm such a girl!

Hope you all enjoy this! I lifted it from Mandy's blog and she got it from someone else's... So it is definitely not original to me! But I hope you enjoy it just the same!


I baked this cake yesterday afternoon. It's chocolate cake with cream in the middle and Oreo cookie crumbles on top with the extra cream. It's fabulous! I had some cake, then sat down to read the newspaper. It was nice. Jacob was with my mom so all was quiet. The only thing that could have possibly made it better is a white chocolate mocha from none other than Starbucks. Maybe next time.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

What happened here?

OK, so I know that no body cares about this except for me. But what happened to these diapers? I opened our new box today and they are all white! There is no blue plaid stripes! It kind of makes me sad. It's not a big deal, I know the diapers work the same, but they aren't nearly as pretty. I am kind of disappointed, and thought about calling the Luvs diaper people and complaining, but figured they wouldn't care! Has this ever happened to anyone else?


Today is so far going better than yesterday. Sorry I was a complainer, but it is what I do best. It's only 8 AM so we haven't actually done anything yet today, but the day just feels better. Does that make any sense? Tomorrow I don't go to work, so I am definitely looking forward to that. We went and had coffee and trains last night, and that was a nice time. I also got to watch Super Nanny last night, I love that show! It's so much fun to see how terrible other people's children are. I know that Jacob isn't the most well-behaved child in the world, but he's totally angelic compared to some of those kids on Super Nanny. Which means that I must be doing something right! I am so entertained by that show! Burger doesn't much care for it, but I can't wait for it to come out on DVD! Well, it's off to work for us now. Hopefully Jacob has a better day so I can have a better day! Wish us luck!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Is it weekend, yet?

Today has been kind of a hard day. Not for any reason in particular. Jacob had a hard morning at work with sharing his trains. I think it's time he leaves them at home. That's the rule, if he won't share them at work then I put them in the cubby. But today he wouldn't give it up. He had the biggest tantrum and upset all the other kids. So then everyone was crying. Jacob had to find something else to play with, but it took him a very long time to calm down which is unusual for him. I was stressed out because Jacob was stressed out. Then when our third worker finally came, she kept leaving to do other things that had nothing to do with our job. I don't even know where she left to. But it wasn't regular things like the bathroom or the soda machines. She would leave for like 10 minutes at a time then come back and stand in the door way for a few minutes, then leave again for about 10 minutes. She works in on-site (with me) and then also runs a program in the aquatics center called Gym and Swim. I think her ego is getting big and she thinks that since she runs her own program in the aquatics center that she doesn't have to do her job in on-site any more. It's really obnoxious and makes my job a lot harder. If only my boss could hire competent workers. I kind of can't wait to have this baby so that I don't have to work with these people for a while, if ever again. Well, Jacob came home and had a nap. He just woke up and seems to be in a fine mood. I think when Burger gets home we will eat supper then head to Barnes and Noble for some coffee and trains. I could really use some good coffee and adult conversation. It seems like everyone is avoiding me these days. I know, everyone is busy with the start of school, but seriously? No one ever answers their phone or calls me back. I promise that pregnancy isn't catchy, I'm not contagious! And my son is only a brat part of the time! I think I need some new mommy friends. For those of you who are avoiding me, knock it off! And the rest of you, would it hurt to call and check on us every once in a while?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Just the Beginning

I have begun my scrap booking experience. I worked for about an hour and did these pages. Also, one other page that I didn't picture. It was fun! I need to take my camera and print my pictures so I can keep going! I have a lot of old pictures that I could use, but I can't seem to find them! They are all in a photo album, in a box somewhere! Anyhow, I just wanted to show what I accomplished today! Jacob is sleeping on the couch right now. Today has been pretty laid back. I think after the long relaxing weekend, we won't be too distracted this week. I'm looking forward to a laid back week! Counting down to my next baby appointment... 6 days! Hope everyone has a nice Tuesday!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Petting Zoo?

Yesterday we went to the petting zoo. They had goats, a sheep, chickens, miniature horses, donkeys, kittens, and a guinea pig. Jacob liked to watch the animals, but he was kind of scared of them. He was really scared of the sheep because it was loud! He liked watching the horses and even went in the pen with the goats to pet them. His favorite was the kittens. He called the guinea pig a kitty pig. Jacob's most favorite part was when we left to go to Toys'R'Us to look at Thomas the Train toys.