Sunday, September 14, 2008

Funny Memory

I am always amazed at the things Jacob remembers. It always seems funny to me that such a little person can remember things as well as he does. Today I was laying in bed and Jacob decided to join me. He started bouncing and I told him to stop. When he didn't stop I told him that he would have to get off the bed if he was going to be naughty. He whined for a minute then played with his trains. A few minutes later he went to Burger and said, "I was naughty, I jumped on the bed." Burger replied, "Alright, don't do that. You could get hurt." and Jacob said, "Ok. I want to read monkey." Then he repeated that over and over... "I want to read monkeys, I want to read monkeys..." Does anyone know what the kid is talking about? Finally, after about 5 minutes of listening to him yell about monkeys, we figured out that he was talking about his book. Duh, why wouldn't he remember that monkeys jump on the bed and get in trouble?

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