Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tomorrow is Wednesday

That means that the week is half over. I'm excited for the weekend because we are going to see Thomas the Tank Engine and we get to ride on him! But Burger is leaving for school on Sunday and I am not looking forward to having to deal with next week all by myself. On Friday one of Jacob's friends is coming to play. Her mom has an appointment (she just had a baby!). So that should be fun, and maybe make my day easier. Tomorrow and Thursday is work and laundry so Burger can get packed and ready. He has been working on his homework, because he always waits until the last minute and crams it all into one day. So that is probably what he will doing all day Saturday, homework. Also, my birthday is October 25 and that happens to be the day that Burger's dad has planned their annual Halloween Farm Party. I am super excited because we get to pick pumpkins and have hay rides! ON MY BIRTHDAY!! Seriously, I love Halloween and and super psyched that this already fun event lands on my birthday this year! See, I'm too old to actually have birthday parties anymore and this is the closest I will probably ever get again in my life! What could be better than hayrides for your birthday present? Also, everytime I see that picture of Jacob and Burger (below) I love it more and more. I'm going to have to find something really cool to do with it! Open to suggestions...

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