Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Is it weekend, yet?

Today has been kind of a hard day. Not for any reason in particular. Jacob had a hard morning at work with sharing his trains. I think it's time he leaves them at home. That's the rule, if he won't share them at work then I put them in the cubby. But today he wouldn't give it up. He had the biggest tantrum and upset all the other kids. So then everyone was crying. Jacob had to find something else to play with, but it took him a very long time to calm down which is unusual for him. I was stressed out because Jacob was stressed out. Then when our third worker finally came, she kept leaving to do other things that had nothing to do with our job. I don't even know where she left to. But it wasn't regular things like the bathroom or the soda machines. She would leave for like 10 minutes at a time then come back and stand in the door way for a few minutes, then leave again for about 10 minutes. She works in on-site (with me) and then also runs a program in the aquatics center called Gym and Swim. I think her ego is getting big and she thinks that since she runs her own program in the aquatics center that she doesn't have to do her job in on-site any more. It's really obnoxious and makes my job a lot harder. If only my boss could hire competent workers. I kind of can't wait to have this baby so that I don't have to work with these people for a while, if ever again. Well, Jacob came home and had a nap. He just woke up and seems to be in a fine mood. I think when Burger gets home we will eat supper then head to Barnes and Noble for some coffee and trains. I could really use some good coffee and adult conversation. It seems like everyone is avoiding me these days. I know, everyone is busy with the start of school, but seriously? No one ever answers their phone or calls me back. I promise that pregnancy isn't catchy, I'm not contagious! And my son is only a brat part of the time! I think I need some new mommy friends. For those of you who are avoiding me, knock it off! And the rest of you, would it hurt to call and check on us every once in a while?


mandydake said...

Awe, SS you had a bad day. If I were there, we could go downtown Cedar Falls for mexican food and shopping. Hugs, M

Shannon said...

I was thinking about you guys yesterday which is really strange when I came and read your blog and saw you had a bad day. I hope today is better for you. I have been so busy with work and this girl from work needs a ride to get back and forth. plus she has a son about Ryne's age so we are trying to get them together to play. Anyway I have to get Alex to school.