Sunday, March 25, 2012

All Good

We had such a fantastic weekend! On Saturday the kids spent the day at my parent's house while Burger and I had lunch at HuHot and then saw The Hunger Games. We shopped at Lowes for some garage organization.

Emrick got a gift car from Aunt Pam for her birthday. We decided to use her gift card to pay for part of a new bike! We got the bike while the kids were at my parent's and surprised her with it Sunday morning. She loved it! I took her to the store last week to see which one she liked and fit on. The one she picked came with a little purse that attaches to the front of the handle bars and holds a little stuffed kitten. She hopped right on when we showed it to her, and pedaled away!

Sunday, we spent the day outside! Burger was organizing the garage, hanging his pegboard and putting shelves together. Then he built our little garden area, and we planted our broccoli! Not sure if it will grow or not since Peter has already been digging around in there. Keep your fingers crossed then come visit in July to have some home grown broccoli! :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lets Go Fly A Kite!

Me and Emrick flying her princess kite!

Jacob, with Burger in the background.

Emrick was a quick pro!

Burger helping the kids get set up! We flew our kites last Sunday and the weather was lovely. Both of the kids caught on immediately and were able to fly their kites solo! When we were done flying our kites, we went to the park!