Thursday, April 28, 2011


My Nikon camera is broken. I took the SD card out and put the pictures on my computer and when I went to put the card back in my camera it wouldn't click in. The camera won't read the card at all. I called Nikon and she told me I would have to send the camera in for them to look at. She sent me an email and I'm not allowed to send the camera in the box I bought it in, I have to pay all shipping costs, and it is highly suggested that I buy shipping insurance to cover the cost of the camera. I am not a satisfied Nikon customer. I might call the local camera shop and see how much it would be to have someone there look at it. BUT, of course, this all had to happen the day I told you faithful blog readers that in May I would be making a point to post a picture every single day. And I do not have a back up camera besides my phone. Which takes crappy pictures. Well, good enough pictures for a phone. I still plan on posting a picture every day in May but I want everyone to be aware that they will be phone pictures, not good pictures!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


So, I could tell you that we've been crazy busy and I just have no time to blog and no time to relax and no time for anything at all ever! But, that would be a lie. A big lie. Emrick and I get dressed and ready and take Jacob to school then come home and sit around. I usually pick up a bit and laundry and dishes, of course. But other than that, we are just seriously lazy. Lazy. As in non-stop IPTV viewing for Emrick and web surfing for me. I now know more about every single car seat ever made than any normal person should. Seriously. Also, I just had to stop typing right in the middle because Max puked on the floor in the dining room and I had to clean it and let the dogs out. And now I have no idea where I was going with the whole lazy bit.

Jacob is still doing awesome and amazing at school. He will be reading in no time! He counted to 200 the other day for fun. And counted the pennies that he got in his Easter eggs. There were a lot of pennies. Something like 147. I can't remember the exact number. He likes his karate class and I have been contemplating signing the kids up for swimming lessons this summer. I know they would both love it.

Emrick is still (and probably always will be) my little piss ant. And I say that in the most endearing way. I swear. She was so mad at me this morning because I wouldn't take her to the playground to slide. You try telling her it's raining outside. She gave up on the slide and then was mad because she wants to go swimming. Ha! She is kind of potty training and doing all right. She will do anything Burger asks her to do and when he's home on the weekends she uses the potty almost 100% of the time. We'll get it figured out before too long, I'm sure.

I was reading a blog the other day, I can't remember which one or why I was reading it but she had a link to another lady's blog. And this other lady posts one picture a day. She also posts other things but goes out of her way to take one picture every day of at least one of her kids and post it to her blog. So she can remember what they were like growing up and all the simple every day things. My plan is to try that out. Starting May 1 I want to post at least one picture every day. I think I'll start out with the goal to do it for a month, but it might last longer...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


We spent those whole day Saturday at my parent's house, playing outside. The weather has been great! We have been playing at parks and driving with the windows down in the car! Emrick and I have been walking to pick Jacob up from school. We've been having a lot of fun. Yesterday I bought sunscreen!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Are you looking for me?

I haven't been blogging. I have nothing to write about. Sure, a lot of stuff is going on and we're busy and we're having fun and all that. Just none of it really seems blogworthy. And I would hate for anyone to happen upon a BORING blog post.

Jacob's in karate classes now. He really loves it and seems to be learning. I love to go watch his classes. He listens and does what the teacher asks of him. Minimal messing around. It feels really good to see my kid be 'good' at something. He is such an amazing little person.

Today we went to kindergarten round up. We did a computer assessment of Jacob's skills.There were 20 questions and he flew through them with flying colors. By the last question he was really bored and totally done. The last question is the only one he got wrong. It took him between 5-10 minutes to finish with the computer then he went with a teacher to the kindergarten classroom and got to make a butterfly on a stick. And sing songs. And eat cookies. I had to fill out a ginormous packet of information. Not fair. Emrick stayed with me, strapped in her stroller. She was fairly patient. I gave her a sucker and a book to read. When I was done, I picked Jacob up from the classroom. We went to Wendy's and got cheeseburgers for lunch. Yum.