Thursday, April 28, 2011


My Nikon camera is broken. I took the SD card out and put the pictures on my computer and when I went to put the card back in my camera it wouldn't click in. The camera won't read the card at all. I called Nikon and she told me I would have to send the camera in for them to look at. She sent me an email and I'm not allowed to send the camera in the box I bought it in, I have to pay all shipping costs, and it is highly suggested that I buy shipping insurance to cover the cost of the camera. I am not a satisfied Nikon customer. I might call the local camera shop and see how much it would be to have someone there look at it. BUT, of course, this all had to happen the day I told you faithful blog readers that in May I would be making a point to post a picture every single day. And I do not have a back up camera besides my phone. Which takes crappy pictures. Well, good enough pictures for a phone. I still plan on posting a picture every day in May but I want everyone to be aware that they will be phone pictures, not good pictures!

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