Monday, January 24, 2011

Hey There!

-I am feeling much better. My nose is stuffy but that is all that remains of the sickness of death. Keep your fingers crossed that Burger and Emrick don't catch it, it was miserable.

-Jacob has a dentist appointment tomorrow. Try not to let me forget. Thanks!

-I have rescheduled the home visit with Jacob's teacher three times this month because Jacob and I have been sick.

-Emrick likes to use the potty. And wear Dora underwear (Pull-Ups.) We had no intention of getting her to use the potty until summer but she decided a few weeks ago, so there it is.

-I am starting to plan Emrick's second birthday party. It will be on her birthday, Saturday, February 26. Keep the date open!

-I need to get back to being crazy busy cleaning up this crazy messy house. Seriously, being sick was bad enough...

Friday, January 21, 2011


Last week Jacob was sick with some sort of mystery fever and when I finally took him to the doctor he had an ear infection. He got some medicine and is all better! Emrick got some medicine for ear infection as well. On Tuesday night I came down with a random fever and extremely sore throat. Went to the doctor on Wednesday and got medicine. I am just starting to feel a tiny bit better today. Burger stayed home Wednesday to take care of me (and the kids) because I could hardly lift my head. Then he came home from work at lunch yesterday because I sent him a text telling him I felt like death still. We were hoping today would be better. I think my fever is finally gone but my throat is still crazy sore and my nose is completely stuffed. It is so hard for me to breath.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


We had a great holiday! I have sat down to write on this blog a handful of times and I don't even know what to say any more. We had a good Christmas and got to see all our family and some of our friends. The kids got tons of gifts and they love every single one. Emrick has only broken one so far, and it was one of her own. Thankfully. And Grandma Hild took it home so she can fix it. Thankfully. We had a lot of fun on New Year's Eve, bowling and swimming. Burger and I went to a party thing on Saturday with some of my old friends. Had a lot of fun. Now Burger is back at work and Jacob is back at school. I can't seem to drag myself out of bed to get Jacob to school on time. Great start to the new year, but that's usually what you can expect out of me! I bought new bins to clean up the kids room, but the new (sturdy metal) bins I bought are just enough smaller than the old (trashed canvas) bins that I can't fit everything. So I went to Target to buy more and they don't have any more! Go figure, so now the kids room is messier than it was before I started. Again, typical of me. The other day I noticed that Peter has a bald, red spot under his armpit. It doesn't seem to bother him at all and he hasn't been scratching or licking excessively. I called the vet and they agreed that it is probably just because his short stumpy legs are rubbing his belly when he walks. Haha! I am watching it for signs of infection, but so far it seems fine. And he has taken to licking the couch. It's driving me crazy, but I can't really blame him because if I was a dog, I would probably totally lick all the extras that the kids leave off the couch. He has also started chewing on the kid's toys if they leave them out unattended. Puppies are fun! Max is fairly normal, so I still have hope for Peter. Yesterday, I was making Jacob's bed when I noticed that his brand new puppy Pillow Pet was torn along the seam all the way down one side. So I called the company to complain but they didn't really feel that badly. So we took it to Wal-Mart to exchange. Wal-Mart was out of puppies but Jacob picked a penguin and was perfectly happy with it. So hopefully this new one doesn't rip wide open. And.... We are all extremely happy that Burger had a job to go to, since he was laid off the week of Christmas. He loves going to work, and I am not being sarcastic. He really loves what he does at work and gets bored doing what I do all day. Plus, he gets paid when he goes to work and that's pretty helpful for all of us! Hopefully you're not bored reading this run-on paragraph. I think I got you all caught up on what's happening in my life right this moment. So, I hope you all had an enjoyable holiday season. And maybe you started your new year off a little better than me, by being able to get everyone to school on time...