Monday, January 24, 2011

Hey There!

-I am feeling much better. My nose is stuffy but that is all that remains of the sickness of death. Keep your fingers crossed that Burger and Emrick don't catch it, it was miserable.

-Jacob has a dentist appointment tomorrow. Try not to let me forget. Thanks!

-I have rescheduled the home visit with Jacob's teacher three times this month because Jacob and I have been sick.

-Emrick likes to use the potty. And wear Dora underwear (Pull-Ups.) We had no intention of getting her to use the potty until summer but she decided a few weeks ago, so there it is.

-I am starting to plan Emrick's second birthday party. It will be on her birthday, Saturday, February 26. Keep the date open!

-I need to get back to being crazy busy cleaning up this crazy messy house. Seriously, being sick was bad enough...

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