Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day!

Jacob is home from preschool today because of the weather. I am hoping he is home tomorrow, too. We have been hanging out, watching TV, and eating junk food all day! Really fun.

Emrick went to her room to get a new diaper and came running back to me when she tripped over her feet and whacked her forehead right on the edge of coffee table. Poor baby! The bonk is huge and bruised and nasty looking. Hoping it heals quickly because I need to schedule her 2 year old pictures.

Saturday is Jacob's half birthday. He is taking How to Train Your Dragon cupcakes to school on Friday to celebrate. And fruit snacks to share with his friends. He is really excited, but also pretty sure he is turning 5 1/2. I keep telling him that he will turn 5 in August and that he is turning 4 1/2 right now. A 1/2 year close to turning 5! But that doesn't sound like fun to him.

I absolutely love Netflix. We watch it way too much. Right now the kids are watching Word World and love it! I am watching The Secret Life of an American Teenager, a series on ABC Family. It's fun to watch whole series on Netflix, no commercials!

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