Friday, September 26, 2008

Sleeping Issues

This is Jacob sleeping on his floor. Yes, he is sleeping there. It's nap time and he WAS in his bed. I honestly can't tell you what happened here. But I will tell you that for the past week he has been showing up in odd places sleeping at nap time. The couch, my bed, random floors in the house... I think we might have a sleepwalker on our hands because he always sleeps in his bed for about an hour before showing up to sleep at all these odd places. He slept in his own bed all night last night and woke up super early to watch Thomas. Hope our day goes well.

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LiteralDan said...

You sound like somebody who hasn't ever dropped to the floor for an impromptu nap before, much less sleepwalked away from a stuffy old bed for the warmth of a nice carpet.

You should try it-- it's second only to a cold tile floor!