Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday is better...

I am feeling much better today! My nose is still stuffy but other than that I am all good! We went to work today and then had Subway for lunch. Made french fries at home to eat with our subs! I am so hungry for a sub from Blimpies but there is not a Blimpies around here. So I had to make due with Subway, which is totally not the same. We need to go to the store today. We went yesterday but when I got there I couldn't remember anything that I needed. I walked the aisles thinking I would pass something that would strike a memory, but nothing did. When I got home, I remembered naturally. So I wrote it down and we're going to try again today. Jacob is good. He has been sleeping really well the past couple days so that's nice! I am making a roast for dinner and that's our plan for the day! Not very exciting, but that's my life for ya!

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