Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sleepy Sunday

Today is a very lazy day for us! It is almost 1:30 in the afternoon and Jacob and I are still in our pajamas! We ate breakfast and then my brother came over for a short visit. Since he left we have just been sitting around watching the TV and eating. We had left over roast on sandwiches for lunch and bananas so at least we aren't eating just junk! I finally put the cheese dip in the crock pot today, so we have that to snack on now! Jacob has been playing in the porch all afternoon so I'm pretty sure the porch is trashed now! I will have to go collect all of his cars and trains from out there later! I had a short nap earlier and now Burger is on the couch having a short nap. Or trying to, Jacob wants Burger to play so he keeps bugging him! Well, I should probably find something for us to get up and do before we go crazy! Yesterday we went to the mall for entertainment and it was so busy there! Maybe we will go to the park or something! Wish me luck! And have a nice lazy Sunday!

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