Friday, August 15, 2008

Finally Friday!

Everybody loves Fridays, but this Friday is going especially well for Jacob and me. Burger is the best husband ever, all the time, but today for sure! Before he went to work this morning he helped Jacob change his diaper and get started watching Thomas the Tank Engine on DVD because I was still sleeping. He brought me a cereal bar so I could eat before I got out of bed. I woke up when he brought me my breakfast, and my heart melted when I heard Thomas in the living room. What a sweet thing to do. I stayed in bed super long, then had to rush so I wouldn't be late for work. It was totally worth it! Jacob and I stopped at McDonald's for breakfast before we rushed into work 10 minutes late! Oh well, Fridays are always slow at work because there are no scheduled work-out classes. I think we might go swimming with some friends later this afternoon, but no plans are final yet. Hopefully our Friday continues to be Fridaylicious! Hopefully yours is, too!

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