Sunday, August 3, 2008

Party Time!

Hi guys! Thanks to everyone who came to Jacob's party! We had fun! It was a little crazy, I think I need a bigger house if I am to continue to invite so many people over! Jacob enjoyed seeing everyone, I know! He loves people. He is definitely his own person. He was slow to open the presents and a little apprehensive about the new toys, unless of course they were trains! Thank you to everyone who brought gifts! After everyone left, he opened everything and played and played. He used his big Tonka truck to haul his cars around outside. He just now went to bed and I'm thinking he should sleep pretty well. I am also happy to report that we only have 3 hot dogs left and 5 hot dog buns. Also about 1/2 the beans, but that's OK. We have some cake left, but not too much! It was a good amount of food we got. I'm kind of proud. Usually I totally overbuy and we have so so much left over that I end up throwing it all away. Also, after the party, while playing with the Tonka truck Jacob tripped over his feet and scraped up his lip. It looks pretty bad, but he is alright. It's like cement burn so it looks really painful! That's my clumsy boy for ya! Well, I'm off to bed now guys! Thanks for coming, it was nice to see everyone!

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