Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Today is...

I am feeling everything all at once today. I think I can thank the pregnancy hormones. But today is just overwhelming. I was at and her post today was very touching and exactly what I needed to read today. Our kids grow older and in the midst of things we just go with the flow. But then you stand back a minute and think, "Wow, this is so different than raising a baby. So incredibly difficult but rewarding." I don't have words to describe Jacob's tantrums and general craziness. I am so busy all the time trying to keep him occupied and doing the right thing. It's definitely a full time job. Something I think Burger doesn't (can't) fully understand. My mom made it look so easy when we were growing up. I sometimes feel like I must be doing something wrong. All the other parents seem to have their game on track while I'm just chasing... But then something happens. Maybe nothing... He eats a green bean with out being chastised for ten minutes first, or he keeps his foot still so I can tie his shoelace properly the first time around. Whatever it is, you notice it. The extreme love you have for this child all the time. Overwhelming and empowering. It helps you get through the rest of the day.

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mandydake said...

Oh, Hugs! Hope you feel better.. I am in the same boat with you. I feel like "what the hell" I am up all night with the babies and they are 10 Months!

Please tell me that I will get sleep again some day!

PS- How are the books?