Monday, October 13, 2008

10 Things that Make Me A Good Mom

1.) Burger
2.) I always give Jacob a good hearty breakfast
3.) I give my kids space and time to acquire age appropriate skills by themselves
4.) I let him play outside
5.) I try my best to feed him appropriate meals
6.) I let him make his own mistakes
7.) I tell him no when he needs to hear it
8.) We have nice family conversations everyday
9.) We got him a piggy bank to save spare change in
10.) I encourage his interests, even when I think they're boring (Hello, Thomas!)

I believe that you have to have positive thoughts to get positive results. I definitely want positive results from parenting! For an update on the weekend: I did get the porch cleaned, but only after battling a giant spider, giving up, and waiting for Burger to come home and do it for me. We went to the mall on Sunday and I yelled at a lady in the toddler's play area because her way-too-old-to-be-in-there-to-begin-with boys trampled my son, twice. They first time I told the boys (who were about 10 years old, by the way) that they needed to slow down because this was a place for little children to play. They didn't listen and while I cursed their parents for leaving them alone in there, the boys got into a huge kicking match. Somehow Jacob got in the middle of it and ended up screaming. I glared at the boys while holding my screaming child and a lady came up from sitting on the bench (2 feet from me the whole time) telling her boys to apologize. I told her it was too late. They had tackled my son twice and how dare she just sit there and watch her kids behave that way the whole time they've been here?!? She apologized and I refused to accept. They left, score one for the bitchy pregnant lady! Poor Burger, we still have a lot of pregnancy to go...

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