Monday, October 20, 2008

Anything new?

Not really... Jacob had Captain Crunch for breakfast today because we ran out of oatmeal. We were really super busy at work today and mean co worker is still driving me nuts. My brother came to visit today and that was nice. Jacob wanted to see Chuck E. Cheese and eat donuts and chocolate milk at Grandma's again. Not going to happen today, sorry kiddo! I am starting to think about decorating the kid's room. Funny to say that, kid's... I will paint the walls and get new flooring. I was hoping for wood flooring like we put in the living room, but Burger hates that idea. He wants carpet, and I guess I'm OK with that. But, what color carpet? I was thinking to paint the room a very light sage green and put glowing stars on the top as a border. Grandma Hild, you don't get an opinion on this because I like green. But what kind of carpet goes with sage green walls? Well, none of these ideas are final. We have time to think, I guess. I want to have it done by February because if we're lucky she will make her appearance near the end of February. I was thinking it would be fun to have a Valentine's Day baby, but I don't get to chose these things! So, if anyone has any great decorating ideas, just let me know!

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