Thursday, October 16, 2008

Meet Emrick Jane Oldenburger:

This is the profile, obviously.

This is the picture everyone was waiting for! My mom thought it would be a boy, but I felt strongly that it was a girl! Dad was siding with my mom and Burger was siding with me. Burger was the one who first said it was a girl, right after we found out I was preggo! What an intuitive husband I have! The ultrasound tech said they couldn't tell anyone 100% what gender baby would be, but that baby was so active she was positive it was a girl otherwise we would have seen boy parts flying around, and we definitely didn't. So that said, and my intuition, I am positive it is a girl baby growing in my uterus.

We have this exact same ultrasound picture of Jacob so I have a feeling they will look alike! We have already chosen a name. Meet Emrick Jane Oldenburger. Emrick after my dad, Rick, and Jane because it sounds really nice together! Our boy name was Calvin Lee, so if this happens to be a surprise boy...

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mandydake said...

Yay, A Girl.. Finally a reason to buy Pink! Hooray!

I would of named a baby girl Pilot.

Congrats.. One of Each.