Thursday, October 2, 2008


Patience is definitely a virtue. One that I am lacking. It seems to get worse with time, but especially when I'm pregnant. Any patience that I can possibly muster up flies right out the window when I'm pregnant. I was never a patient person, but certainly after having Jacob (and the older he gets) I am losing more and more. Patience is something that would be really really useful at my job. I am usually pretty good with Jacob. He is also very impatient so we seem to get along fairly well. He likes to do things fast and we usually don't have any problems getting from one place to another, such as when it's time to leave the playground. He usually gets tired of the playground before I do, which is nice! The pool is usually the only place I have to drag him out of. Anyways, the point of this particular blog is that I am starting to get worried about baby #2. Obviously not going to have the same personality as Jacob. What if it's a dawdler? What if it's the kind of baby that likes to eat an ounce every 15 minutes or so? What if it's not as easy as Jacob was and still is? I don't think I have enough patience to deal with a finicky baby and a two year old. No matter how nice Jacob is, he is still 2 years old and does typical 2 year old things. Am I ever going to be able to leave my house again, during daylight hours, after I have this second baby? I have until at least February to worry about these things. Hopefully I will get lucky again and have yet another perfect child, but what are the odds? Aside from being impatient, I am also not a lucky person. So I need everyone to be wishing me luck until the second one arrives. If praying is your thing, I'll take that also.

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Shannon said...

I have complete faith in you, Mandi. I know it won't be as bad as you think. I know Bri will help you when he is there and things will be good.

I hope I get to come to the fall festival thing. I won't know if I have to work until later, but I wanna come up and see you guys!!! Sending big hugs to you!!!