Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I took these yesterday. He was wearing the new outfit Grandma Hild bought him, super cute! He was being very cooperative and was especially smiley!

Jacob and Daddy taking the garbage out. This is something they do together every Tuesday night! It's the highlight of Jacob's day! I thought Jacob looked funny in his footie pajamas, Thomas Crocs, and stocking hat!

Burger made chili for dinner last night and so Jacob wouldn't ruin any of his clothes, I put one of my T-shirts on him! We have a gate closing off the kitchen from the dining room and Burger left it open so Jacob went into the kitchen and locked himself in. He whined, "Daddy, I want out..." So Burger opened it and Jacob giggled and shut himself in the kitchen again.... As you can guess, this game went on for a while.

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