Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thursday is Yummy

Reasons why today is yummy:
1.) I don't work again until Monday
2.) We are planning to go swimming this evening
3.)Burger King for lunch
4.) Tacos for dinner
5.) Got my tooth fixed yesterday and now it feels great
6.) I made cupcakes the other day and now I get to eat them
7.)Jacob slept in this morning, meaning I got to sleep in this morning
8.) Beautiful weather outside
9.) Story time at the library tomorrow morning
10.) I rearranged Jacob's room the other day and it's still clean
11.) A new episode of ER is on tonight
12.) A new episode of The Office is on tonight
13.) Hoping to get some pictures of Jacob in his Halloween costume this afternoon
14.) I have orange juice to drink
15.) Jacob peed in the potty 3 times today

1 comment:

mandydake said...

Hooray for Today and for the Oldenburgers! I am doing a similar post for today too, it is scheduled to post later tonight.

Ohhhhh and I had Bk for breakfast.