Friday, October 3, 2008

This is the Story...

I am a very lazy person. I will not try to hide this. It's a fact that anyone near me knows without a doubt. Just how lazy I am might surprise you! We use paper plates in this house. Along with paper bowls and cups and forks and spoons. One reason is I absolutely despise washing dishes and the second reason being that my kitchen is the size of a public restroom toilet stall. Seriously, it's small. We have a half-sized oven. Burger cooks and I wash pans when absolutely necessary. Which is apparently not enough. Today I was washing dishes and Jacob left Sesame Street to visit the kitchen. He saw me and, flabbergasted, asked, "What are you DOING?" When I explained that I was washing dishes, he eyed me suspiciously for a few seconds then slowly walked away. Probably worried that crazy is contagious.

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