Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Yesterday I noticed that Jacob had a rash on his belly and back. This morning he woke up scratching and scratching and the rash was covering his entire belly, chest, sides, and back so I called the doctor and made an appointment. Went to the doctor and they think he is allergic to something. Did I change the laundry soap? Did I change his lotion? Did I change his shampoo? Uhm... Don't these doctors even look in his file before they come in to help him? I have the rashiest kid ever. Incredibly sensitive skin since the day he was born. Do they really think I would change something, see a massive rash and wonder what happened? Seriously? I know he is allergic to something. I took him to the doctor so they could help me figure out what it is. I got no where. They gave him meds to calm down the rash and told me to watch what he eats... So helpful!

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mandydake said...

Ohhhh super scary! Jason broke out in a huge rash hours after he tool penicillin.. I took him back to the Dr. and he said, "Oh we will take him off that."

Two hours later, he is in the ER unable to breath and within minutes he would have gone into shock. He needed a series of steriods to counteract his reaction. It was super scary.

And you know how ER's always do paper work first, well the hubby walked into the ER and a doctor was out in the lounge and he ran right over and said, "get the boy back here now." It was that bad.

Hugs to you, Jake. Get Better!