Monday, October 27, 2008


Today was fine, I suppose. We went to work, and boy were the kids wild today! Jacob had a doctor's appointment for that stupid rash again so we got to leave work a bit early. The doctor said she thought his medicine took care of the rashy part of the rash and now it's just eczema left. I am supposed to put his Desonide lotion on it twice a day and his Eucerin lotion on it as many times a day as I can. Just keep his skin hydrated. So, on our family Christmas list is a whole house humidifier. They are around $100 at Wal-Mart... Anyhow, I will watch his rash and see what happens. Tonight Burger has a Union meeting so he will be gone for who knows how long! You get them union members together and boy do they get chatty. Like a bunch of old ladies at the hair salon. We had chicken tacos for dinner, but Jacob missed out because he went to Great Grandpa Stanhope's house with Grandma Hild. So I will have to warm up his dinner when he gets home. He hasn't ever had chicken tacos but he loves chicken and he loves tacos, so I have a feeling chicken tacos will be a huge hit with him! I am hoping to make myself some cupcakes for my belated birthday, but we'll see how far I get! Hope everyone enjoyed the Monday. Tomorrow we get to start all over again!

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