Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Today is Tuesday and I keep thinking that I need to get my house clean before the birthday party. Ugh, work was so busy today! Everyone except me was really late. We had 22 kids, 6 of them being babies 7 months old and younger. It was a crazy time, but we all survived. We didn't get home until 1 this afternoon and stopped at Wendy's on the way. I got Jacob a cheeseburger and chicken nuggets because I never know which one he's actually going to eat. I ate half of his cheeseburger. He fell asleep on the way home, so he hasn't had lunch yet. I ate a lot for lunch! Wendy's has the best chili and I always put it on top of a baked potato. Yum! Burger and I went to the movie with my dad last night. We saw Hancock. It was really good, and somewhat surprising! It was fun, we ate popcorn and soda. Typical movie night. Jacob stayed with my mom and also had a good time! And, to keep you updated, Burger came home early yesterday and took care of the spider! I looked Orkin up online and they had pages and pages of terrible reviews. So then I looked up 'do it yourself' pest control. Did you know that you can buy stuff like what the Orkin man uses and do it yourself? Cool. I think we are going to Menard's tonight to see what we can find. Also, I am buying a new garbage can! I know, what a weird thing to get excited about,right? But I am excited! I'm working on laundry right now and cleaning off my kitchen and coffee tables. Wish me luck! Hope everyone has a nice day!

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Shannon said...

Hedge apples keep spiders away! Just don't let Max get ahold of it!