Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sundays are Boring

As promised, these are the pictures of Jacob opening his birthday present from us. You can't really tell in the picture but the one where he's holding the shoes, his mouth is wide open in excitement! The Crocs have Thomas on them! He loves them! It was a good buy, as far as I can tell. Today Burger is at work, again. I don't know when he'll be home. They are staying until it's finished, so it might be awhile. No one knows for sure. Jacob and I just had a mid-morning snack of cold chicken and chocolate cake. He is a sight for sore eyes with his pajama shirt on and chocolate cake covering everything! He doesn't have pants on anymore, I'm not sure what happened to them! We're getting ready to give him a tub. I think we might venture out to Kohl's to see if they have anything we can't live with out! I need to get an area rug for under the couch. Now that our floors are wooden, the couch slides around all over the place. But, I haven't been able to find a rug that I love that doesn't cost and arm and a leg. Needless to say, I haven't looked real hard. But since Jake's birthday party is next weekend, and it's at our house... Well, I was thinking I should probably have a rug. I would hate for the couch to slide out from under someone when they try to sit! On second thought, that might be entertaining... Just teasing! I'm not that mean! Anyhow, I should get my wild chocolate boy into a tub before he destroys anything else! Have a good Sunday guys, and don't be too bored!

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