Thursday, July 17, 2008


This was lunch today. I know, I win worst mom of the year award. The worst part: he likes to eat them cold. Anyhow, I thought it was super cute that he was feeding it to Gordon the Train. Yeah, I can tell even from here that that train is Gordon and not Thomas even though they are both the same color blue. That makes me a better mom, right? We can forget about the cold hot dogs now, right? Anyways, today Jacob had a light fever so we left work early. I gave him some Advil and he's better, but he still looks pale. He's not eating much, but he's playing fine! Over the weekend and then Monday and Tuesday I didn't feel well and I thought it was just from pregnancy. I was kind of disappointed and hoping it didn't stay the whole pregnancy. But I think I was just sick was some sort of bug. Hate to say that I'm mostly relieved. Hopefully Jacob feels better soon and Burger doesn't catch it! Hope everyone has nice night! We ordered pizza for supper from Godfather's and Burger just walked in with it! Laters!

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