Thursday, July 24, 2008


Just had some more random thoughts today that I wanted to share with everyone. Burger got his class schedule today and we got lucky! He has no classes in February or March! So now we don't have to worry much about him being gone when baby is born! We also found the most perfect car seat we are buying for Jacob. We have been researching car seats that will hold him in a five-point harness longer, like up to 50 or 65 pounds. And I finally found the one I have been looking for! It's made by Graco, new last spring. It will hold him in the five point up to 65 pounds and then you can remove the harness and have a high back booster. After that, you can remove the high back and have a regular booster. It will be the last car seat the child needs! For the low low price of $150!! You can find it at Wal-Mart or online! I am so excited! Also just wanted to tell everyone that Jacob talks like a madman! This morning we were eating pop-tarts and he wanted to give me a bite of his and I told him, "No thanks, you can eat your pop-tart!" So he looks at me and asked, "Mom, you like pop-'arts?" He asks all the time, "What are we doin' here?" and "What is this for?" He is so funny and smart! He understands the answers, too. That's all I wanted to add for today! I Hope everyone has a nice night!

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