Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Swimming Time!

Grandma Hild brought the pool over yesterday afternoon! Jacob helped blow it up, then he got to swim in it! He had fun, but he got bored quickly and wanted to ride on his tractor. I got a lot of pictures! He loves to hang out with Grandma Hild! We ate at Carlos O'Kelly's last night and it was amazing! Jacob said he wanted chicken which I kind of questioned because he loves enchiladas! When they brought his chicken and fries he took one look at it and said, " I don't like this chicken." He specified, THIS chicken... So I shared my enchiladas with him and now I have some chicken for lunch today! We have swimming lessons tonight at 5pm. I need to make an appointment to get the dog shaved. His long hair is driving me crazy! It's everywhere, and it sticks to Jacob, it's disgusting. Totally grosses me out, so I am having him shaved. Also, my car is still making that noise when we drive. No one knows what it is, but if anyone has any ideas that we can try just let me know! I'm kind of getting desperate because the noise is getting worse and worse. Any ideas at all... We'll take them! Hope everyone has a good day!

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