Saturday, July 19, 2008

I stand corrected

Yesterday my mom called and told me I was wrong. The picture of Jacob feeding the train is actually of him feeding Thomas and not Gordon. She clicked on the picture to see it better and low and behold, it is a #1 and not a #4. Sorry I lied, my friends. We have been lazy today and now Burger is bored so we are getting ready to go to the mall. His five year high school reunion is tonight and he's really excited! My mom is coming to be with Jacob so we can go to Waverly and see his old classmates. I'm kind of excited, too. Do regular people get excited about stuff like this? Jacob peed in the potty earlier. He told Burger he wanted to go potty, and he did! So he got to pick a special Thomas sticker as his prize. We are not pushing the potty, but I really think he's ready. He's very stubborn, just like his mommy and daddy. Wish us luck! Also, I am 7 weeks pregnant today. And now that I know I was sick last week and not just pregnant, I have been feeling fine! So, I'm pretty sure now that there's only one baby, and my guess is it's a boy. Have a nice day!

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