Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Glorious Day

Ah, the glory of a Wednesday. I usually like Wednesdays, I'm not sure why! Work wasn't the best today, but also not the worst. I am feeling a bit better today. I think I figured out the trick. This morning, when Burger got up to go to work I asked him if he would bring me some waffles to eat. So, I think the trick is to eat waffles in bed a half hour before I'm awake. The waffles were delicious and I feel a little more energized today! Jacob has swimming at 5 tonight, so we'll see how I'm feeling then! Burger's so great. He didn't even question me when I asked him to bring me food, he just brought it. He asked if I wanted two or one and if I wanted syrup (duh!) I have been thinking that maybe there are two babies, but Burger doesn't want to talk about it! He would be really excited if there was two, but I think it would take him longer to get used to that idea. I would be excited until I had two babies to feed every two hours! Burger thinks it's a girl, so the great gender debate is started. The point is, I feel better today. My dad drove my car and doesn't know why it's making that sounds. And no one knows about the lawn mower...

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