Friday, July 18, 2008

That's a Friday for ya...

The pizza last night was delicious, but strange. I ordered a 1/2 taco with black olives and 1/2 bacon cheeseburger. They brought me a 1/2 taco with no tomatoes and added bacon bits and 1/2 combo with extra black olives. I think the people people at Godfather's were a little distracted last night when they were making my pizza. We ate it anyways. Jacob slept in this morning until 8 AM and I thought maybe he was sick still so we didn't go to work. When he finally woke up, he's fine! Playing, eating, causing chaos as usual. I have a headache, but I think I'm OK! So the plan is to clean up the house and get laundry mostly done. I haven't gotten anything done yet and it's noon, but I'm thinking more seriously now. Wish me luck, and have a great day!

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