Sunday, March 29, 2009


This is my fancy new sink. Because yesterday when I was woke up by my fabulous son the old one had a huge chunk of it missing off the corner. Also there was poop in my hallway. Yesterday was not a great day. I know this looks like a regular sink to most people, but compared to what the old sink looked like, this sink is Gucci. Seriously, our old sink was ghetto. Straight out of the East side.

Because yesterday (all of last week, or perhaps the past couple months) were so terrible, I had to add a fun, adorable picture of my oldest baby having fun in the tub. He does have fun a lot. Just because there aren't pictures of it doesn't mean it doesn't happen. Tomorrow my whole family leaves to go to Las Vegas for my brother's wedding. We are not going to be joining them. We couldn't spare the money for the trip and also when everyone was buying tickets I was still pregnant and unsure of when girl baby would make her appearance. So we opted out. We are bummed to not be there because I love my brother and my soon to be sister-in-law. But, hard choices have to be made sometimes. So, here's wishing my family safe travels and a fun and cherished wedding day.

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