Monday, March 23, 2009

This is What Happens on Sundays

Sunday was Burger's only day off this week. And next week, too. So we stayed home most of Sunday and just relaxed together. I tried to watch my new Twilight movie, but Jacob had better plans. So hopefully Jacob will take a nap today so I can watch my movie! We are still struggling with potty training, but I'm sure we're making progress. Hopefully we're making progress. We bought Jacob new Thomas underwear and a potty shaped like a frog from Target. Seriously, the cutest potty ever. Jacob loves it. He also got to pick his very own bag of candy and gets to have a piece when he pees and get two pieces when he poops. He has never gotten two pieces. We call it his potty-candy. Isn't this just the most entertaining blog to read?

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