Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Today I am extremely tired. Burger is working third shift this week and it's wearing us all out! And it's only Tuesday, so we have over half a week to go. Bummer. Emrick has been a bit fussy the past couple days and I am hoping that she is just having some sort of growth spurt. I hope this behavior isn't permanent. She has also taken to sleeping only on her belly. Either on her belly while laying on some one's chest or on her belly in her bassinet. This meaning that she isn't real keen on her swing, bouncy chair, or car seat. Fun, fun. But, we are dealing with it. I am going to the store later to buy one of those backpack looking front baby carriers. Hopefully she will take to that in a heartbeat and it will solve all our problems! Wish me luck. Jacob has been doing really well. He woke up at four o'clock this morning thinking that it was day time. So, he moved into bed with me and Emrick. That was super fun. Then they both woke up at six o'clock and we started our day. And still managed to be late for gymnastics at nine forty-five. Figure that one out. So, as of this second, Emrick is sleeping in her bassinet, Jacob is crying in his bed because he doesn't want to have a nap, and Burger is getting ready to leave for the dentist. I am researching back pack carriers online and decided to pop in and put a new post so you guys wouldn't think I forgot about you! I am hoping to get some good pictures of the two yahoos later this week, but don't hold your breath.

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