Sunday, March 1, 2009


I hope you all enjoyed Burger's company while we were in the hospital. He has been the one handling all my affairs (blog, facebook, e-mail, etc.) I hope he has kept every ones curiosity satisfied. What he didn't share with you, I'm sure, is that I am a rock star. I was in labor for only four and a half hours and without any drug intervention I pushed a seven pound twelve ounce perfect human being out of my nether regions. Less than an hour later I was in the tub and walking around the room eating cheeseburgers and feeding our lovely girl baby. I am proud of myself, and I think that my pride is totally justified. We are home now and everyone is happy and healthy. I received seven boxes of Girl Scout cookies as a baby gift. Yes, seven! Thank you Megan! So we are all pigging out and being lazy today. At some point we will be making our way to the grocery store today so that when Burger goes back to work tomorrow Jacob and I will have something else to pig out on besides cookies. My blood pressure was still running a bit high when I left the hospital so they prescribed me a water pill that makes me pee every twenty minutes. At least I'm used to it since I was just pregnant an all... Emrick is eating two ounces of formula every two to five hours. She is also a rock star. She was sleeping five hour stretches last night in between feedings. So far, this is going pretty well.


mandydake said...

Congrats, Glad you are all home and well. I will check in on you later this week. Take care of yourself. Hugs, M

Jaz said...

If you have any questions about the detox and recovery process, it's time to bring these concerns to the interventionist's attention.