Friday, March 13, 2009

Lucky Friday the Thirteenth

Today has been a good day so far. Burger stayed up long enough to join us for breakfast and that was nice. Then the kids and I went to the mall in search of Crocs in Jacob's size. Which, by the way, are the hardest things to find! We have went to both malls now and can't find any in his size! Who knew a 10/11 was such a popular size? But I did go to Old Navy and lucked out on the $.99 sale! Got two hooded sweat shirts for Jacob, many pairs of pants for Emrick in various sizes, and winter hats for next year all for a dollar each! I also got Jacob a nice button up shirt for Easter for $3.50! I love getting good deals! Emrick was an angel the whole time we were out from the house. She even stayed in her car seat the whole time, instead of insisting I carry her. That was really pleasant. I used my double stroller and that is the most the most difficult thing to push! A friend gave it to me when we found out we were expecting, but I think I might just buy a new one. So, if anyone has any great suggestions for an easy to push double stroller, let me know! I was thinking of the Sit'n'Stand, but some of the reviews aren't so great.

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