Friday, March 20, 2009

The Other One

I just wanted to remind everyone that I haven't forgotten that I have a son. My first baby. He loves his sister but is a little too crazy to be still long enough for me to photograph. But, trust me, I haven't forgotten about him! He is working on potty training and has been wearing underwear all week. Lots of accidents at my house! But, we are trying, and I vow to not give up. Even though this is really hard. I hate hate hate cleaning up messes and it would be so much easier if I could just slap a pull-up on his butt and call it a day. But, I can't. Pull-ups are just diapers shaped like underwear and what good would that do? So, real underwear it is. Even though I hate it. It's not for me. This picture is Jacob this morning. He ate his regular oatmeal for breakfast and then had fruit snacks because Daddy told him he could after he ate breakfast. That's what Jacob told me anyhow. It sounded logical, and totally something Burger would say. I made sandwich for breakfast because that's what I was hungry for, and Jacob stole it. So he also had a bologna sandwich for breakfast. No wonder he grows so fast! Hope you enjoy the picture of my boy child! And also, have a happy first day of spring!

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mandydake said...

I agree 100% with you about Pull Ups. I have never bought any.

I never thought you had forgot about Jacob either. I know how it is to have more than one kid to photograph. I even get that with the babies. Sometimes one will get more photos than the other, but only cause the other isn't having any that day.

Hugs, M