Thursday, March 5, 2009

Some Sort of Disease?

Today is emrick's one week birthday and to celebrate she is wearing the dress Daddy picked out for her when I was pregnant. I put the pants on to keep her warm, and I think it actually looks super cute!

Emrick in her car seat. I had to show you that she doesn't hate it! We are not torturing out daughter by making her travel places with us, I promise! Notice the paci hiding on her shoulder? It's from the hospital and it's scented. Like vanilla. Sneaky bastards. She wouldn't even consider a different kind of paci. Not even the regular Soothie ones. Because they don't smell like vanilla. So I ordered some online and am expecting them in the mail any day now. I will post a picture of them when they come because I am really excited about them! I ordered pink and purple. My only other choices were blue and orange. But, I figured the girlier the better! The disease that the title is referring to is the sort where I cannot get the camera unglued from my hand. I think I have a picture of this girl baby in every position. I could make a flip book of her daily activities! I don't remember being like this with Jacob, but I didn't have a digital camera then. And now I do. And it's so much easier! Snap, snap, snap... Post, post post... Thus is the story of her life. Also, I mentioned that today is her one week birthday! Yay! To celebrate, she is wearing her party dress and I am going to dinner (hopefully) at Carlos O' Kelly's. I say hopefully because Burger hasn't been feeling the best. He says his head hurts and his belly doesn't feel the greatest. He thinks that maybe he is over tired. Hahaha. Men are so funny some times! Next week he will be working third shift at work. They asked him and he accepted because he will get paid extra for it being third shift. Quite a bit extra, and that could be really handy right about now! So, next week might be a little hairy. If I only post pictures and no words, don't throw things at me! Besides, you only come here for the pictures anyway!

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