Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What was I supposed to do?

Jacob was being very quiet in the living room while I was looking up things online. So quiet that I thought he fell asleep and didn't think anything of it! That was my first mistake. He suddenly came to me, so excited and said, "Lookit, Mommy! Lookit!" while holding out his hand! I saw the pen and got a really sad face. I told him that we don't pen on our hands, we pen on paper. He had paper, why did he pen on his hands? He got tears in his eyes and looked at the floor... He was holding his hand in his other hand like some sort of fabulous and breakable treasure and my heart broke instantly. He had taken all this time to make me the most beautiful picture in the whole world, and I was angry about it. With just a few words, I squashed his whole independence. What kind of a parent does that? Next time I will remember to see things from his point of view before I say words.

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