Thursday, November 6, 2008

New Pictures!

This is from the other day. Jacob was being silly. He refused to wear a shirt and wanted his sun hat on at all times. He reminded me of Kid Rock in the 90's!

This is from today, Thursday. He just looked cute, so I thought I'd snap a picture.

Again with the hat and no shirt thing. He was jumping on the couch which is super naughty!
But he just looked so darn cute! Today was a good day. Jacob is being a little naughty right now, but I think he's just bored of being home. Oh well... Tomorrow we have a play date in the morning and then Burger comes home! I am looking forward to seeing him so much! It's crazy how much I miss him when he's gone. Like my left arm is missing... Anyhow, he will be home tomorrow! Tonight is TV night, and I am kind of looking forward to that. Perhaps we will visit Barnes and Noble and play with the train set for a while before TV time. Jacob would love that! I cleaned the bathroom, did the dishes, and now I am working on laundry. Jacob needs a tub really bad tonight because at nap time he decided not to sleep, but to slather diaper rash cream all over himself instead. I wiped him off, but a tub is definitely in order. Well, off I go to set some order to this house! Have a nice night, everyone!

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Brian said...

so the house is going to be clean when i get home? that will be a nice surprise, if Jacob doesn't mess everything up before i get there!