Sunday, November 2, 2008

In Review

Hello friends! We had a really great time celebrating Halloween this year! Jacob was a bit crazy, but you could tell that he totally enjoyed himself! We went to the party at the YMCA on Thursday night then trick or treating on Friday night and on Saturday night we went to Burger's Dad's house and had a fall festival with his family! It was really fun and Jacob didn't want to leave! He got to go on two hay rides and a handful of rides in the wagon behind the lawn mower. Jacob picked out his pumpkin and shared his bouncy thing with the other kids! We also celebrated my birthday and had birthday cake! We stayed pretty late and Jacob slept pretty late this morning, but then it ended up not being late at all because of Daylight's Saving Time. Bummer. Also, last week I wrote about my washing machine being broken. Well, I am happy (and slightly embarrassed) to report that there is, in fact, nothing wrong with my washing machine. When my dad and Burger looked at it, it was fine. They chalked it up to Jacob's costume being in there and maybe throwing things off balance. In any case, we are being very careful with the machine just to be sure. But for now, it works fine! Burger is at school this week (don't worry, he voted at the courthouse last week!) so Jacob and I are working on cleaning up the house. Probably we won't get anything done, but the plan is to try! Hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween and the lovely weekend! Tomorrow is back to work! Ready, set, and go...

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