Friday, November 7, 2008


So these didn't show up in the order that I uploaded them, so now I have to explain! The top one, in the red shirt, is my belly at 18 weeks pregnant. The middle one is from today, and Iam 23 weeks. The bottom one is from 20 weeks. I thought Iwould just post this for my own entertainment, really. Thinking that perhaps someone might enjoy it! Burger is home now and right when he walked in the door Jacob cornered him and bullied him into playing trains. In a few minutes we are headed to the store for baby diapers because Jacob won't use the potty and also an egg timer. You never know when you might need an egg timer, I would like to have one on hand just in case.

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mandydake said...

Uploading Order, do the one you want to be first, last.. Also once they are uploaded, you can drag them around to where you want them.
Also you can hit backspace to bring them closer together so there is not a huge white gap in between.. Just in case you want some tips..

I should invest in an egg timer too cause you just never know ; )

Love that Belly. Hugs, Mandy