Sunday, November 16, 2008

Burger's Birthday!

Well, today is Burger's birthday. He is 24 now. Old timer... We celebrated yesterday mostly. He made himself a cake and today he made roast in the crock pot for dinner. With potatoes and carrots and all that jazz! We went to the bakery and got donuts for breakfast. We also had to pick up the newspaper because I let our subscription expire and haven't called to renew it yet. Oops. We did a ton of laundry today and bought the paint for kid's bedroom. I think we will be painting next weekend. That's the plan right now. I need to get prices to have the carpet cleaned, but that will have to wait to be done until after Thanksgiving. Then I will work on setting up a dresser and a crib, maybe. Emrick needs a few newborn sized sleepers for when she is born, but other than that we are good to go! We will also be purchasing a new swing because we borrowed the one that we used for Jacob. We have a travel sized pink swing picked out to buy but we are waiting until January or February to actually buy it! No rush... We picked a travel one because our house has no room for a full sized one, and I will be able to move a travel one around to any spot in the house. I think that will be handy! I feel a little guilty because when I was this far along with Jacob, I think the whole nursery was put together and I'm pretty sure we had almost everything we needed! But since they will be sharing a room, we are kind of waiting until the last minute to set anything up! I figure it doesn't really matter since she will sleep in the bassinet in our room for at least a couple weeks, anyhow! I just feel like I'm going to put it off and put it off and then before I know it, Emrick will be born and I won't have anything ready! Then I think to myself, would that really be so terrible? I mean, she'll never know the difference! And we have the stuff, it's just not set up! I go back and forth between the two extremes. I guess that's a sign of pregnancy, huh? Anyhow, we had a nice day. My parents came for dinner and then my mom cleaned my microwave, which is always nice! We had cake and ice cream after we sang Burger his song. Jacob went to bed after he had a huge melt down about Grandma taking his juice. It was a good time. Hopefully tomorrow will start the week off right! Have a good one, every body!

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mandydake said...

Hooray for Babies and Birthdays! Take it easy, k? Mandy