Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This One's About Jacob

That shouldn't be a surprising title because that's what I blog about. My family. And most of that is my kids. Because that's what I do all day. Take care of them. I'm not complaining because if I were, I would go get a 'real' job and let someone else complain about taking care of my kids. While I pay them too much money. Because that's the kind of thing people do for their kids. Pay too much money for too many things. But this post isn't about that. This is about Jacob and his general discomfort and rashiness. Eczema is what the professionals call it. I don't care what they call it, I care more about why no one can help me fix it. Because I have been trying to fix it since it first showed up. I think he was three months old. Maybe younger, I can't really remember. Since I can remember, he gets rashes from everything. Or nothing. Being outside, sitting next to someone who may or may not have a cat at home, underwear with painted characters on it, underwear with too-tight elastic, eating ice cream, playing in grass, tomato sauce... Who knows. I'm not even certain what is causing this eczema but I am really ready for it to go away. So, in an attempt to help him get rid of this discomfort, I am taking this family dairy free. Except for Emrick who might starve to death if I don't let her drink way too much whole milk every day. From a sippy cup. But as far as food goes, dairy free is the plan. So right now, instead of cleaning this house that is a ginormous mess, I am googling kid friendly dairy free meals. And this is starting to look like way more work that I was anticipating. And what am I supposed to do about things that aren't dairy but have milk in the ingredients? Like a lot of cereals and crackers. I have no idea how to start this. He hasn't ever drank milk, even as a baby he has lactose-free formula. But this is a step further. No cheese, either. I really have no idea how to start this or how to keep it going strong when we eat outside the house. I could really use help and google just ain't cuttin' it.


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