Friday, April 2, 2010

Work, Splurge, and a Flat Tire.

That sums my day up, mostly. Add a giant thunder storm, some McDonald's, and a haircut in there and you definitely got my day summed up.

Burger is still working second shift and we are just starting to get used to it. Jacob wanted to go with Burger on his errands this morning instead of going to work with me but we didn't have a seat for Burger's car and Burger didn't want to switch it. So he ran to Target to buy a booster seat then came to the Y and picked Jacob up to finish errands. Jacob had a blast at the car wash. I went to Toys'R'Us because they are having some Friday-Saturday only Easter sales. Got some fun stuff for the Easter Bunny to bring the kids.

We met at home and ate some lunch while a massive storm was brewing outside. It was kind of nice to have a thunderstorm instead of a snow storm! Burger went to work and the kids and I got ready to take Jacob to get his hair cut. As I backed out of the drive way I realized that my back tire was completely flat. So I went around the block and back into the alley to pull in the garage. My neighbors came over and put the spare tire on for me. They are awesome people! So then we left and got Jacob's hair cut and then to Hobby Lobby to look for some decor for the living room. We are painting tomorrow!

Now the kids are in bed and I am watching Food Revolution on ABC. I love this show, but it totally grosses me out!

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